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Icy Icons Post 05

Kingdom Hearts;

Suicide girls;

Deviant art stock;

Super Smash Brothers Brawl;
[1]Ike + Marth
[13]Link + Pit (some slash)
[1]Peach + Pikachu
[1] Peach + Samus
[1]Pikachu + Kirby

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Icy icons post 04

Kingdom Hearts

Invader Zim
[5]Mrs. Bitters
[8]Tallest Purple
[4]Tallest Red
[7]The Tallests
[2]Tak and Dib
[2]Tak and Mimi
[6]Tak and Zim

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Please credit theicegirl22 or icyicons.

All icons can be used as bases. Just remember to credit! and I would love to see what you do with them! ;3

Icy Icons post 03

Invader Zim;
[8] Dib
[6] Zim x Dib [ZaDR] [Yaoi]

Kingdom Hearts;
[1]Roxas and Sora [Non-yaoi]
[1]Namine and Kairi [Non-Yuri]

Death Note
[3]Yagami Sayu

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Please credit theicegirl22 or icyicons. With fanart, please credit both myself and the artist.

Icy Icons post 02

Here's some more... not really good ones, I only like a few of them.

Death Note
[4] Near
[1] Mello x Near
[2] Matt
[2] Sayu

Yami no Matsuei
[3] Watari Yutaka
[1] Kurosaki Hisoka

Shaman King
[4] Tao Ren
[1] Hao x Ren

Suicide girls
[9] Apnea

Icy icons Post 01

Well, I've been a bit bored so uh, I decided to love on my icon collection and upload it to a new icon journal. :]

Death Note;
[3]Mello x Near
[1]Light x L
[1]Matt x Misa
Deviant Art;
Final Fantasy 7, Advent Children ;
[11]Reno [Lyrics by The Strawberries]

Not a fake cut!...For once!Collapse )